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Charlie Guevarra

Fit with Stance-Control KAFO


Charlie was having terrible pain in his right foot. He would wake at night, his foot on fire, barely able to stand the awful sensation. Charlie is a diabetic, so he knew there might be a problem when he started to lose sensation in his toes as well. Eventually he developed an ulcer and had to have all five of his toes on his right foot amputated. Then things got really difficult.


Shortly after his amputation, Charlie suffered a stroke. His balance worsened and, occasionally, Charlie's right knee would buckle while walking or just standing. When he began to fall while walking around the house or doing chores Charlie knew that something had to be done.


Charlie was fit with a custom carbon-fiber Stance-Control KAFO. He now cooks, cleans his house, does the laundry, and goes shopping with complete independence. The brace allows him to "walk with more confidence do the things he couldn't do before."


Does he feel sad or depressed about his situation? "Why am I gonna cry? Just because you take a little bit of me [toe amputations]? If it is good for me, I have to do it. I just leave it up to the guy upstairs.”

Patient Testimonials

Regina Godbey


March 26th is an important day for Regina Godbey. On that day in 2011, Regina and her huband had been riding their new motorcycle for exactly one month, and they were loving it. While sitting in the left-hand turn lane on Old Weatherford Highway, an oncoming vehicle lost control and careened into their bike. The next thing Regina remembers is waking up on the pavement with the Weatherford Fire Department and a passerby, a physician, above her. On the way to the hospital, Harris Methodist Fort Worth, all Regina remembers is praying that her husband was safe. Her husband would be fine, but Regina's left foot had sustained significant injuries.


At first, Regina's physicians tried to save her badly damaged left foot. Her orthopedic surgeon, Dr. John Malonis, placed a metal rod in it, in an effort to save the limb. However, Regina was still experiencing terrible pain that made it nearly impossible for her to walk. Then Regina and her sister seriously began talking about her options. She could stay in a wheelchair for the rest of her life, most likely in excruciating pain, or, she could amputate. For Regina, the decision wasn't easy, but it was one she quickly accepted.


Only a few days after her amputation at Harris Methodist, Regina met Tim Goldberg, ProsthetiCare Owner and President. "Because he was an amputee as well, I felt as though I could trust Tim. I knew that he could commiserate with me. Within a day Tim fit me with a custom-made rigid removable dressing to protect my leg while it healed."


While she healed at home, Regina began preparing to use her prosthesis throuhg a rigorous rehab program. And although Tim advised her to start slow, Regina just couldn't stop herself from going after taking her first few steps. "When I put on the leg and stood and took those first steps in the parallel bars I just couldn't believe it. I said, 'I can walk! I can walk'." 


Regina continues to lead an active lifestyle. She enjoys shopping, going on walks, traveling, and riding her new bicycle. She always has an eventful day planned, especially with grandkids to keep her busy. When asked about her accident Regina says, "I am not going to let it get me down. I'm going to live my life."






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