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C-Brace high tech KAFO 

The C-Brace computer controlled orthosis is an entirely new approach to walking when back injuries or leg muscle weakness limit you. Instead of a locked knee brace—or a wheelchair—imagine a system that gives you the freedom to participate in many daily activities. Walk all day, walk smoother, walk with confidence and greater safety. 


If your brace doesn’t let you change speeds while walking or put weight on your flexed knee when you sit down, the C-Brace may help expand your activities. Whether you are facing an incomplete spinal cord injury, weakness or paralysis of your quad muscles or post-polio syndrome, the C-Brace was designed to help compensate for the resulting limited mobility.

Stance Control KAFOs 

Stance Control Orthoses differ from Conventional KAFOs in that they allow for knee flexion during the swing phase and locking during stance phase. 


A traditional KAFO can lock the knee in full extension, which provides stability but also causes patients to ambulate with a gait deviation that can lead to overuse injuries due to compensatory measures taken by the patient to ambulate.  This in turn requires more energy to get from point A to point B. 


A stance control orthosis (SCO) allows the knee to bend during the swing phase of the gait cycle and blocks knee flexion for stability during the stance phase. By allowing the knee to bend during swing phase, SCOs allow a more normal gait, which may reduce secondary complications from gait compensations, and allow the patient to walk with less effort.

MyoPro Upper Extremity Orthosis

The MyoPro® myoelectric limb orthosis is a powered brace that supports a weakened and deformed arm for functional use. In addition, the MyoPro can reinitiate movement of a partially paralyzed arm to enhance function and quality of life. It is designed for individuals with stroke, MS, ALS, brain & spinal cord injury and other neuromuscular disorders.


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