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Mini-Horse Prosthesis

Midnite was just another neglected horse; seized by the North Texas Humane Society after being abused for years. But in 2011, the miniature horse was adopted by Ranch Hand Rescue and Midnite's luck finally started to turn around. When Midnite came to the Argyle animal rescue group he was in terrible condition. Missing part of his left hind leg, Midnite could barely stand. Most animals in his condition would have been put down, but Ranch Hand Rescue sought out alternatives. And this is where we here at ProsthetiCare entered the amazing story of this miraculous horse.

In March 2011, we donated a custom fitted prosthetic leg to Midnite. View the miraculous results here.


Stand Up Amputee Basketball

ProsthetiCare patient and long time friend, Brian Vincent, is a member of the globe-trotting amputee basketball team Amp 1.

Haitian Amputee Soccer Team


ProsthetiCare donated prosthetic legs to 6 of these players! We are blessed to be able to assist in making these men's live's better when they return to Haiti.


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